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Perfect for sampling a variety of ProdLocal quality gourmet stuffed dates classic and chocolate covered.

This includes varieties of ProdLocal's gourmet classic stuffed dates and chocolate covered stuffed dates. 


Available Flavours: 

Classic Stuffed Dates:

Australian Apricot and Almond

Australian Crystallised Ginger 

Handmade Australian Hazelnut Paste 

Handmade Australian Pistachio Paste 

Australian Walnut 

Handmade Tahini 


Chocolate Covered Stuffed Dates:

Chocolate Covered Australian Apricot and Almond

Chocolate Covered Australian Crystallised Ginger 

Chocolate Covered Australian Hazelnut Paste 

Chocolate Covered Australian Pistachio Paste 

Chocolate Covered Tahini 

Chocolate Covered Australian Walnut 




Customise your own Stuffed Dates Box


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